The Luxury & Design division operates in the sector of fashion and industrial design. It is based on a concept of luxury representing the common thread of each project. Our Style Office tends to minimal yet enveloping luxury, with the help and advice also of external Industrial Designers. The Luxury & Design area creates items with concrete value and offers dedicated services that put the person first and foremost in both a real and abstract sense.


The brand is based on a new business model that integrates the opportunities of the digital revolution in the world of fashion and luxury. State-of-the-art technology and digital tools are used to offer the customer an original and unique experience in terms of both product and service.

The Brand is aimed at people who are young but not without experience, and know how to recognise the quality of what they see and touch. They are people looking for a luxury brand that can listen as well as communicate. It is a select brand for the discriminating, and allows consumers to express themselves through the product they buy.

The brand will bring to the market a collection of leather goods, the value of which is based on careful research into beauty and selection of the materials, on the skills of the Style Office that tends to the lines and design, and on the sublime production of Italian artisan workshops.